Feature Wrap: Fathom Offshore

Fathom Offshore specializes in quality tackle and apparel products for the open water angler. When setting up their company truck, they wanted to make sure that it not only attracted attention but spoke to people about what Fathom Offshore is all about. That’s where we came in!

Attention to detail, innovative thinking, and impeccable quality are the foundation on which Fathom’s products and business is built upon. This was their foundation for the Fathom truck as well. That’s why we worked to create a sleek, unique and eye catching design for their Chevy truck that would travel the roads, be present at trade-shows, be featured at fishing tournaments across the country, and so much more. This truck features a partial wrap that boasts an awesome design and it’s sure to attract attention from anyone in its presence. We utilized Fathom’s logo, slogan, Instagram handle and an awesome marlin printed in metallic ink to achieve this look.

Partial wraps are a great way to attract attention with your vehicle without going over budget! Partial wraps are much less expensive than a full wrap and can create the same interest and attraction. To check out more of our awesome work, check out the portfolio section of our website.