Partial Wraps For Your Company Vehicles

Hydroflow partial wrap truck.

What’s the difference in a partial and complete wrap?

Well, that’s simple. A complete wrap covers the entire painted surface of the vehicle so that none of the factor paint shows through. A partial wrap just covers part of it – up to 75% of the vehicle. Complete wraps don’t mean that the design is any more detailed. Our designers can work with the shape of your vehicle and the paint color to create a partial wrap that gives the appearance of a full wrap. Partial wraps are just as effective as complete wraps if done the right way.

How much does a partial wrap cost?

The size, design and specifications of the wrap with determine the exact cost, however partial wraps are typically significantly less expensive than full wraps. Call us today to get a quote on your partial wrap!

What is the warranty on a partial wrap?

Partial wraps – just like full wraps – have a 3 year warranty! We’re so confident in our product that all of our wraps have a 3 year comprehensive warranty that covers any defects in material or installation, along with the removal and re-installation of the failed material should a problem arise.

If you’re interested in getting your company car(s) wrapped, give us a call today! Remember… don’t drive naked, wrap it up!