How To Take Care of Your Wrap

Taking care of your vehicle wrap so that it looks its best for years to come is easy! We’re answering some frequently asked questions that we get about maintaining and caring for your car’s wrap.

How often should I wash my wrapped vehicle?

You should wash your wrap once week, but more often if exposed to dirt or pollutants. Dirt and pollutants are what can cause your wrap to become discolored or damaged so it’s important to wash off your wrap if exposed.

What should I wash my wrap with?

Gentle automotive detergent and water work just fine! Use a soft sponge or cloth to wash your wrap. Make sure to rinse well and use a squeegee to remove water then dry with a microfiber cloth.

What should I not use to wash my wrapped vehicle?

There are certain cleaning products that should not be used on your wrap. These include solvents, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, engine degreaser, oil based cleaners, oven cleaner and orange oil. Be careful of pressure washing to not get too close to the vehicle and to maintain a moderate pressure.

Can I run my wrapped vehicle through an automated car wash?

Yes, however touch-less car washes are the best to maintain the look and quality of your warp. Brush car washes can cause damage, dulling, scratching on the wrap.

Is my vehicle okay parked outside?

Sure, our wraps are designed to withstand damage and fading from the sun. However, fading is inevitable in time. To preserve the appearance of your wrap, park your vehicle inside the garage or under shelter whenever possible.

To learn more about the quality of our vehicle wraps and how to best take care of your new wrap, contact us today! Remember… don’t drive naked, wrap it up!