The End of Boat Season: It’s time to wrap!

Boat season is nearing an end here on the Crystal Coast. While we are sad that our weekends won’t be spent on the water, it serves as an opportunity to focus on repairs and upgrades to our valuable watercraft.

As we’ve stated many times, a unique way to advertise your small business is to create a moving billboard on a vehicle or truck. However, using your boat as a vessel for advertisement will stand out among the rest. Here are a few reasons why using your boat to advertise is key to the success of your business:

1. It’s never static – your boat will always be in a new location.
2. Often, those on a boat have more time to look at other boats, as the ocean is much wider than a roadway.
3. When anchored, thousands of people can walk by and see your logo/contact information.
4. There are multiple places for exposure – whether you’re in the water, trailering it back to the marina, tying it up to a dock, or putting it in storage for the winter. Someone will always be able to see your brand. Vehicles have one or two avenues for exposure, as they are either in motion on the road or parked in a parking space. With boats, you can do both of those, but gain exposure from being in the water, as well.

As the warm weather and boating season comes to a sad end, it gives you the opportunity to work on your watercraft. Consider wrapping your boat with a well-planned, unique, and creative boat wrap – we guarantee it to blow your competition out of the water!