Wrap Your Fleet

Does your business have a fleet of vehicles? Here in eastern North Carolina, if you’re a service providing business such as lawn care, HVAC repair, or a painting service, you most likely have more than one vehicle that hits the road each day. Sure, wrapping one of your company vehicles will make an impact, but imagine the impact you could have by wrapping your entire fleet. From trailers to vans, trucks to cars we say wrap it all!

One vehicle wrap gets thousands of impressions per day. You can multiply that by wrapping or even partial wrapping each and every one of your company cars. Your different vehicles also likely disperse to different areas of town, therefore you have more opportunity to reach a wider range of potential customers.

Did you know that vehicle wraps are the least expensive form of outdoor advertising when you look at impressions per dollar? Even better, your car is mobile. Unlike a billboard that doesn’t move, your car has the potential to go anywhere and everywhere to attract new customers. The only cost involved in wrapping your company’s fleet is the one time cost when the wrap is installed. After that, your wraps will continue to market your business until the day you remove them. With billboards and any other form of outdoor and even indoor advertising, you have to monthly. The minute you stop paying, the advertising ends.

Let us help you develop your brand while increasing brand recognition and capturing more potential customers by just driving down the road. To learn more about our wrap solutions, give us a call today! Remember, don’t drive naked… wrap it up.