Why Quality is Important

In anything you do, paying attention to quality is key. Whether you’re cooking a meal for your family or planning an event at work, the quality of the materials used will determine the success of your task. The same goes for a vehicle wrap.

First off, the quality of your vinyl should be durable and strong. Installers stress the importance of using “high-grade” vinyl when dealing with vehicle wraps. This material needs to withstand various elements, while maintaining a malleable texture to fit the grooves of the surface. Additionally, the adhesive backing that helps your vinyl stick to the chosen surface should be applied properly and evenly. This adhesive material must be activated by heat and/or pressure in order to properly stick to your vehicle; therefore, the “glue” must be of high quality and applied evenly to the vinyl.

Secondly, the installers must be experienced and dedicated to their craft. The quality of those placing your vinyl wrap onto your vehicle is almost as important as the quality of the vinyl itself – if a minor issue happens to the vinyl material during installation, it can throw off the entire piece. If you have experienced and knowledgeable installers, they will place and properly install your wrap with no problems.

Crystal Coast Graphics has both. Our high quality vinyl paired with our high quality installers makes for a great experience all around. Interested in creating a moving, dynamic “billboard” for your business? Give us a call at 910-219-7720 today!