Wraps: Cost Effective Advertising

Wrapping your company vehicle is a great way to advertise your small business! Did you know that vehicle wraps and other mobile advertising are the most effective when it comes to outdoor advertising? This means that you can reach a greater number of people for a lower cost with vehicle wraps!

Each day, if your vehicle is on the road, you’re guaranteed thousands of impressions. With a wrap, you have the one-time cost of the wrap and installation and that’s it! As with outdoor billboard advertising and even the newspaper, you will have recurring costs associated with the advertisement.

The effectiveness of your wrap and your return on investment will depend upon a few things include your realm of business, the wrap design and how often your car is on the move. At Crystal Coast Graphics, our talented graphic designs work with you to create a completely customized design that incorporated your brand logo and images while being unique enough to attract the attention of drivers on the road. Some businesses may benefit more from car wrap advertising than other. For example, many service based businesses like a handyman, HVAC company and even restaurants are likely to get more return than businesses such as a jewelry store. The more your company car is on the road and racking up miles, the more impressions your ad is going to get! We suggest wrapping your company’s vehicles that are out and about the most. Regardless, a wrap can be great exposure for your small business here in eastern North Carolina!

No matter if your company has one car or a fleet of 20 cars, vehicle wraps can be an effective form of outdoor advertising for your business! To learn more about wrapping your company cars, trailers, and even your boat, give us a call today! Remember, don’t drive naked… wrap it up!