Qualities of Effective Company Signage

At Crystal Coast Graphics, we specialize in designing and installing unique and creative signage for your business, whether it’s on the side of a truck, boat, or building! Today, we want to discuss the importance of having high-quality company signage and a few characteristics that we consider to be effective techniques:

First off, your signage should be visible. Place your company name in a place where the most eyes will see it, like in front of your building or over your entrance. Without proper attention, a sign is essentially worthless to a business if it is not directing customers into its doors. Size can have a lot to do with the visibility of a sign, as well. Make sure your signage is large enough to be seen from the farthest point of view. For example, if your place of business is in close proximity to a street, you should have signage that is large enough to read in an instant when driving by.

Secondly, your sign should describe exactly what your business does. A person who quickly looks at your signage should be able to figure out what goods or services you provide. If your company name does not directly describe what your business does, place a descriptive phrase underneath your logo. This will ensure that the audience will know exactly what your business provides.

We may be partial to this last piece of advice, but we believe that a sign is effective if it is creative and unique. At Crystal Coast Graphics, we take pride in having extremely experienced designers that create very unique signs each and every day. Research proves that folks who see a unique and high-quality sign in front of a business are more likely to go in and see what it’s all about (if it aligns with their interests); therefore, we believe that creativity in signage is key.

Overall, the signage that you place outside your company’s doors is a very important feature of your business. Often, this aspect is an afterthought – we believe it should be one of the first things a business considers when opening or revamping their space! Are you interested in giving your company signage a refresh (or creating it altogether)? Give Crystal Coast Graphics a call at 910-219-7720 today!