2 Reasons Why Your Wrap Should Be Professionally Installed

1. You’re not in a good setting. Installing a vehicle wrap can seem like something you can do in your garage or driveway, but that can jeopardize the quality and longevity of your product. In order to properly and effectively install your car wrap, you must be in a facility that is dust-free and climate-controlled. If particles of dust, sand or dirt get trapped under your vinyl, it can create bubbles and destroy the appearance of your wrap – let alone, your car – overtime.
2. You must complete a step after installation (that many people don’t know about!). After installation, there is a special process we take to “heat” the wrap onto the surface of your car. This step must be carefully executed, as there are certain areas that need more heat, certain areas that need less, and different requirements for different types of wraps. Entrusting a professional installer – like Crystal Coast Graphics – is an excellent way to ensure proper and efficient installation.

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