How effective is mobile advertising?

Today, there are many different outlets and resources for marketing. We know that your business is probably trying to figure out which avenues are most beneficial for your particular business and the best ways to reach the most people for your advertising dollars. In the midst of social media marketing, digital marketing, traditional marketing and everything else, has your company considered mobile advertising?

Mobile advertising can be as simple as utilizing your company vehicles and trailers to market your business. If you’ve got a service-based business, such as HVAC repair or plumbing, your technicians are likely already traveling around town to do their work. If you work primarily in your office, you’ve still got to travel to and from the office, to lunch and to meetings. By utilizing your vehicle(s) that are already out on the road everyday, you can reach thousands of sets of eyes! Did you know that mobile marketing is the most effective form of outdoor advertising and reaches more consumers for less money than anything else – especially billboards and stationary advertising. With the cost of a vehicle wrapping being significantly lower than that of a custom paint job, your company could be spending only a fraction of a cent per impression!

At Crystal Coast Graphics, we are proud to provide a full service wrap solution in house. From design to printing to installation, our wrap experts are here to assist you in marketing your business the best way possible! Work with our designers to create a unique, one-of-a-kind graphic that not only catches the eyes of all the drivers on the road but accurately represents your business and encourages viewers to give you a call! To learn more about our quality wraps and how we can help your business reach more people every day, contact us today!