Painting vs. Wrapping: Pros & Cons

Are you considering either painting or wrapping your vehicle? If so, you’re probably wondering which one is the best option. Well, that depends on several things and what you’re looking for. We’ve got a few pros and cons to help you make that decision!

Chalkboard drawing – Measure of Pros and Cons

A paint job can be very expensive depending on the quality and design (if any involved). Typically, we can get a vehicle wrapped for much less than it would cost to paint. Partial wraps can be very affordable as well if you’re just looking to add graphics to part of your vehicle.

Pros of Wrapping

Temporary | Wraps are temporary, but withstand weather and warm for a long period of time. Wraps can last years, however, if you change your mind and want to switch up the design or color, it’s simple and the wrap can be easily removed and replaced! It also maintains the manufacturer’s original paint, so if you sell your vehicle, buyers can easily remove the wrap and expose the original color of the vehicle.

Installation Time | Once our design is finalized, we can typically have a vehicle wrapped in a day. We do everything in house from consultation to design to printing to installation. This helps us keep our time line short and efficient!

Easy to Maintain | Although your wrap will need to be washed frequently, it’s fairly easy. Wraps can simply be washed by hand with soapy water or rinsed off with a water hose. No need to wax your vehicle as long as the wrap is on!

To learn more about the pros of vehicle wraps, give us a call today! At Crystal Coast Graphics, we love to get creative with wraps and graphics. From boats to walls, windows to trailers and everything in between, we can wrap it!