Why Your Business Needs Eye-Catching, Cohesive Design

Ever since we were young, we have all learned that first impressions are everything. No matter how hard you try, it’s hard to shake off that first initial thought you have about a person, a place, or an experience – it’s almost impossible. This is why Crystal Coast Graphics is so adamant about making your business’ first impression a good one. To do so, you must have eye-catching, creative physical design aspects representing you.

From our many years of experience, we have come to find that bright and bold signs, wraps, and other visual pieces get the most attention. Color is often used to generate emotions, levels of importance, or to unify your business’ brand. For example, if the sign in front of your office incorporates red and blue, then the wrap on your vehicles should match that same color scheme to keep consistent and cohesive. When people see those colors together, your business will pop into their minds.

The same thing goes for shapes and textures. Combining too many can make a design piece look cluttered and confusing, so staying consistent with the use of them is key. We have years of experience working with designing pieces for various platforms, and we can ensure a cohesive, creative piece of work no matter where it is put.

Lastly, we touched on brand cohesion last week, but we believe it is so important to make sure all of your design elements go together. You do not want your signs, your print materials, and the wrap on your trucks to be mismatched – customers and clients will get confused and it will poorly reflect on your business. Make sure all of your materials are streamlined and consistent to avoid confusion and clutter. At Crystal Coast Graphics, we know how to create eye-catching pieces that will accurately represent your business each and every day.

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