Event Signs and Banners

Planning an event that’s happening in the near future? If so, be sure to have high-quality signage present. Often, this detail is overlooked, but having eye-catching and creative banners and signs can make or break an event. Here are a few necessities to include at your next event:

Directional signs. Whether you have a large crowd in attendance or a few guests, be sure you have signs present to direct them where to go. In the parking lot, be sure to direct drivers where to park and the general flow of traffic. In addition, having signs directing guests to the various tables (registration, coat check, etc.) can increase the efficiency and flow of welcoming traffic.

Sponsor banners. A big reason companies sponsor events is to get their name in front of the public, so make sure you have a banner that represents them. Whether you have separate banners or combine them all on one, make sure the businesses that supported your event get the proper ‘thank you’.

Event-specific banner. No event is complete without a branded banner to let people know where they are! A bright and creative banner is necessary for any event.

Looking for someone who has the expertise to create cohesive banners and signs for your next event? Give Crystal Coast Graphics a call at 910-219-7720. Many events lack the proper amount of signage – whether directional, informational or decorative. Don’t neglect that detail!