Expo and Event Materials: How to get noticed

Is your small business partaking in a large-scale expo or event this summer? Chances are, you’re struggling with finding a way to stand out among a sea of similar vendors. While many people plan extravagant shows and efforts to get noticed, we have found other ways to stand out:

1. Choose your location wisely. If you have the option of choosing where your booth is located, choose the most strategic place possible. Position yourself near heavy foot traffic to increase the amount of eyes that hit your business. According to research, expo attendees seem to navigate the floor counter-clockwise, so position your booth toward the end of a long row.

2. Have a “flow” to your booth. Many people do not take into consideration the ebb and flow of their trade show booth. Be sure to test out how attendees may enter and exit your space, and rearrange furniture/signage as needed.

3. Create a creative suite of materials. Don’t spend all of your time and money on the backdrop and furniture that you forget to create meaningful takeaway materials. Postcards, brochures, business cards and flyers are what attendees will take with them and remember you by. Be sure to put as much effort into those as you are into every other aspect of your space.

4. Have bright, creative, bold signage. Enlisting the help of professionals can drastically enhance your trade show space. Here at Crystal Coast Graphics, we specialize in creating signage and materials that accurately represent your business, but catch the eyes of viewers instantly.

If you’re headed to an expo or event within the next few months, let us take something off of your plate. We specialize in signage design and logo design, and can also streamline your marketing materials so attendees will have memorable materials to take from your booth. Give us a call at 910-219-7720 today!