Reasons a Wrap Can Propel Your Business

Small business owners can have a tough time setting their business apart from larger, more prominent brands in their industry. Whether they do not have the funding to spend on materials or the personnel to spend time focusing on advertising, it can be difficult to get noticed. However, Crystal Coast Graphics has a solution: wraps.

We’ve chatted about how our creative and bold wraps can get you noticed when out and about, but today we want to share two way it can increase your business’ success immensely:

1. Prominence. In advertising, being visible is key. Wraps – according to researchers – have been proven to gain 30,000-70,000 visual impressions per day. In addition, a survey showed that 95% of people said they could recall the graphics and brands found on various vehicle wraps around their town. Simply driving your wrapped vehicle around town can greatly increase your visibility, which ultimately increases recall and brand recognition.

2. Cost effectiveness. The cost of vehicle graphics has considerably decreased in recent years, allowing small businesses to partake in this inexpensive advertising technique. Since the cost for vehicle wraps is reasonable compared to other forms of advertisements, it is allowing small businesses to utilize a small budget for graphics, while gaining the same (if not more) amount of impressions. For example, a vehicle wrap runs about $0.35 per thousand impressions, while a television ad runs $23.70 per thousand impressions. You are constantly promoting your business by simply driving down the street

Overall, the benefits that a vehicle wrap can bring to your small business are endless. At a low cost, they allow your business to be smart when investing in advertising, as it can get expensive and costly.

If you’re interested in integrating a vehicle wrap into your advertising plan, give Crystal Coast Graphics a call today! 910-219-7720. We look forward to hearing from you and have a great Tuesday!