Unique Items to Wrap

Here at Crystal Coast Graphics, we specialize in making unique and creative ways to display your business. One of our favorite ways to do so is through bright and colorful wraps. However, many people only consider wrapping their vehicles. We’ve learned that the best type of exposure for your business is to put it in a place that is constantly moving and where people wouldn’t expect to see it.

In addition to cars, trucks and vans, we wrap:


Wraps are a great way to create a moving billboard for your company, as you can relocate to get various types of exposure. For example, if there is a big event happening in your town, you can park your truck in a visible location or dock your boat on the town’s waterfront. There are endless possibilities to the amount of exposure that a wrap can give your business, and it starts with giving us a call! We would love to answer your questions and brainstorm potential ways to creatively display your company, so pick up the phone and call 910-219-7720 today!