Wraps: Our Design & Installation Process

At Crystal Coast Graphics we provide a wide scope of solutions for your business. From vehicle wraps to banners and anything in between, we can assist you from start to finish. Today, we’d like to give you some insight on how our process works and the steps it takes to design, install and put graphics to use in marketing your business.

1. Design – What exactly is a wrap? At Crystal Coast Graphics, a wrap is a custom designed advertising medium that we design and install in-house. It is a vinyl material made that is printed onto and then laminated for protection and lasting life. A wrap can cover the entire vehicle or just part of it. The process begins with our talented designers that work with you to create a one-of-a-kind design that represents your business and what you’re trying to accomplish. After the design is finalized, we print your wrap with the Roland XR-640, the best quality printer in its class.

2. Installation – The unique aspect of Crystal Coast Graphics is that we complete the entire process in-house from start to finish. Our installers are experienced and equipped with the skills to give you the highest quality vinyl installation. By using the best materials, we can ensure that your wrap is properly installed to give you the best results possible!

3. Let It Work – Now comes the easy part! Once your vehicle is wrapped, it’s time to start reeling in the customers. Your company vehicle may have cruised the roads previously unnoticed. Those days are no longer! On service calls, deliveries or just morning and afternoon commutes, your newly wrapped vehicle will now begin to generate more business!
To learn more about our wrap process and how we can help your business in eastern North Carolina, explore our website and give us a call at 910-219-7720.