What’s Trending in Car Wrapping

1. Texture mixed with color always captures attention. Since vehicles have a great deal of surface area, you should integrate solid color with texture to break up the space. It adds dimension on an otherwise flat surface and helps your logo and other graphics pop!

2. Detail, detail, detail. While the main aspects of your wrap (logo, important information, graphics) should be large and quickly visible, let the creativity flow when it comes to details. Folks will come up to your vehicle when it is parked in a lot or stopped at a red light, so give them elements to discover up close!

3. Content can make or break a wrap. A vehicle wrap is only effective if it catches the eye of an audience. In order to do so, the content you include in your wrap should be attention-grabbing. For example, if you integrate humor into your wrap, people will remember a funny punchline or creative saying. Let your creativity flow and include high-quality and memorable content on your vehicle wrap!

There are many ways to create eye-catching vehicle wraps, and Crystal Coast Graphics wants to work with you to accurately and creatively represent your small business. Give us a call at 910-219-7720 today!