What’s the difference between a wrap and a decal?

Well, quite a bit. Let’s look at the main differences between wraps and decals!


A wrap is a large graphic that covers a vehicle and changes its appearance. It’s a quick, easy process with Crystal Coast Graphics, and most agree that it’s one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. It makes your vehicle look great, too. Here are some great examples.


Decals are similar to wraps, but instead of covering your entire vehicle, they’re made to be placed on specific areas, like a door or a hood. They’re much smaller and come with custom sizing options. They’re also extremely cost-effective for promoting your brand as you ride around town.

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The Dodge Demon Story

One reason we love the print business, specifically the car wrapping portion of the business, is the variety of projects we get to work on. As they say on the History Channel’s hit TV show Pawn Stars, “You never know what is going to walk through that door!” The Dodge Demon is a vehicle wrap to remember.

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Does your business have a fleet of vehicles? Here in eastern North Carolina, if you’re a service providing business such as lawn care, HVAC repair, or a painting service, you most likely have more than one vehicle that hits the road each day. Sure, wrapping one of your company vehicles will make an impact, but imagine the impact you could have by wrapping your entire fleet. From trailers to vans, trucks to cars we say wrap it all!
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Fall is officially festival and fair season! From local festivals – like the North Carolina Seafood Festival that takes place in the small town of Morehead City – to huge fairs – like the North Carolina State Fair- events will be popping up all over the state! No matter how large or small the event, it’s important for your business to stand out in the crowd.
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